Anxious About Flying Alone? Here’s What You Can Do!

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Are you going on a business trip but this is the very first time that you will be flying all by yourself and the thought of this makes you feel extremely nervous to the point that you are thinking about cancelling the trip because you do not know how to cope with it? Or are you someone who travels alone quite a bit but you are feeling particularly nervous about your upcoming trip because it is the longest flight you have ever taken and you are wondering what you can do to feel a little more relaxed?

Whatever the case may be, whether you are travelling by yourself for the first time in your life and it is making you feel extremely anxious to the point that you want to cancel your work trip similar to the individual in the first example or if similar to the individual in the second example, even though you fly alone quite a bit, you are feeling anxious about your upcoming trip because it is a very long flight, you must not worry as there are many things that you can do before your flight such as sorting out your Cairns airport transfers early on and during your flight to make you feel at ease so read below to know what these are.

Pack early

One of the main reasons that many of us feel nervous on work trips is because we feel that we may leave behind an important document or item. So the best thing that you can do to fight this feeling is to start everything early. You can think about all of the important documents and other items such as your passport and clothing and make a list. Every time you add one of these items into your bag, you can then tick them on your list and you must make sure to not take anything out of your bag once it has been packed, and you must also finish packing at least two days before your trip so that you can be at ease and simply check your list if you are unsure if you forgot anything.


The next thing that you must do is to decide how you will get to the airport on the day of your trip. Will a partner or loved one be driving you there or will you have to arrange airport transfers? After you have arranged your transport, you must call the taxi company two days prior to your trip and check if they have taken down your reservation so that you can be sure your transport will arrive on time on the day of your trip.

Stay entertained

If you are nervous about flying or if you have a very long trip ahead of you, you can pack some books if you enjoy reading, colouring books if that relaxes you or even save some of your favourite movies onto your smart devices so that you can keep yourself entertained during your journey and will not have to focus on the turbulence or how anxious you are.