As a business owner dealing with overseas markets, you can’t hope to move your goods and products without a freight forwarder. Here’s why you should tie up with one.

Businesses today, especially those working in e-commerce, are increasingly shipping their products to domestic and overseas destinations. Online shopping has caught on all over the world in a big way. This has necessitated the setting up of reliable supply and delivery channels that act as the chain of operation between company and customer.

Hence, it is important to engage a good freight forwarding company or agent who can handle these complex processes seamlessly.

The role of freight forwarding companies

Freight forwarders are companies or agents who oversee the entire chain of operations from supply to delivery. Often, this process involves liaising with domestic and international carriers (couriers or carrier vessels across sea, air and road), Customs authorities, Port authorities, etc. There is a long paper trail that has to be followed between the placing of the order and the final delivery to the customer or the market.

The freight forwarders are also well-versed in international rules and norms pertaining to Customs duties, import and export formalities, and mandatory documents that must be appended with the shipment arriving from other shores.

Hassle-free operations

The major advantage of hiring a reliable freight forwarding company or agent is that the company saves a lot of time and money that it would have otherwise invested in shipping the goods or products by itself. Before freight forwarders came into existence, companies had to tackle the bureaucratic and transnational processes of paperwork, permissions, and import and export duties, goods passports, Customs and the final delivery to the customer. This would mean that several different companies and carriers would have to be engaged at different levels, increasing the costs and time involved in communication and delivery. 

The documentation process

Freight forwarders have connections with domestic and international carriers that constitute the entire chain of procurement, supply and delivery from point of origin (stockist, godown or manufacturer) to point of delivery (market or customer). This requires the preparation of a chain of paperwork, in physical or digitised form.

Freight forwarders are instrumental in processing the complex paperwork involved in the chain of operations. Often, international Customs and norms keep changing, and so do the costs and paperwork associated with them. Businesses and individuals are benefited by the expertise of freight forwarders who are adept at preparing the paperwork and necessary documentation that allows for the smooth transport of goods and services across domestic and international borders. On the other hand the customs clearance is very important and can also help you for the shipment. Browse this article to find out more reviews regarding custom clearance in Australia.

An important document that freight forwarders make is the ‘passport’ that is mandatorily attached with a shipment when it travels internationally. This passport allows the legal passage of that shipment without hindrance, and is subject to be issued and scrutinised based on the laws of the country that the shipment passes through.